Reiji Shinjo is considered by Hanamura Aoi to be her greatest masterpiece. However, Hajime mistook Atsushi for Ryo. They are Doubles partners who are opposites when it comes to body frames. He is able to copy his opponent’s tennis techniques, but the result is sometimes less impressive, especially if the skill requires a certain amount of experience and practice. Inui uses his knowledge to create a tactical advantage he calls as Data Tennis. Despite his seemingly strong persona, Kaoru has a soft spot for animals which is confirmed by his fondness of Ryoma’s pet cat Karupin. - Kuroko no Basket, Interview with Hinata & Kageyama's Voice Actors from Haikyuu!! However, things did not go well at the beginning because it was their first time playin together, leading to a lot of disagreements. Kenya Oshitari mostly plays Doubles with Hikaru Zaizen, and at times with Gin Ishida. Nicknamed "The Viper", Kaido is a second year junior high student and Momoshiro’s rival in the tennis club team. Hiroshi Chinen is the tallest regular member of Higa’s tennis club. He has quite an attitude. Press Room He is very focused on developing and learning new skills in tennis, which is why he spends most of time training alone or with the whole club. Le bras libre en coup droit. Privacy See actions taken by the people who manage and post content. Midoriyama (緑山中学校, Midoriyama Chūgakkō), in the manga, is known for its specialty coaches, with one of them being a former professional player. Regardless of his constant teasing, the two have a good relationship and hang out together. Rhinehart has managed to unite an army of unorganized elites and created the ultimate team. Like Tomoya, Aragaki is not able to use shukuchichou. Before entering as a first year junior high school student at Seishun Gakuen, Ryoma Echizen had already won four consecutive titles in the American Junior Tennis Tournament in just a little over a year. Nio has the habit of saying Puri or Piyo! As a tennis player, he’s got sharp eyes and can discern fast moving objects. In fact, his relationship with Jin is good and the two seem very close. He is the energetic and jolly team captain of Rokkaku’s tennis club. He is strict and will not hold back to hit those who brings shame to their team. Little Busters! So to pay tribute, let us honor 15 of the most iconic anime teacher characters ever. This is the reason why team manager Hajime pairs him up with Yoshiro to play Doubles against Seigaku’s Golden Pair. His speed is top-notch, which enables him to be a Dash Specialist and return almost any kind of ball. He is a third year as well as the older twin brother of Atsushi Kisarazu from St. Rudolph. Toji Muromachi, a second year, is called their tennis club’s eternal secret weapon. Chotaro Otori is Ryo Shishido’s doubles partner and best friend. He does not respect his senpai and even calls Kenya weak-minded. Even though he is the team captain of St. Rudolph’s tennis club, Yoshiro Akazawa does not fully perform his duties, and leaves most of the tasks to their team manager, Hajime Mizuki. This game allows you to recruit players for your tennis team, train them to build up their statistics, join team building exercises like bowling and participate in tennis … As the story progresses, Tetsu Ishida learns to use Tachibana’s Wild Beast Aura. He has the tendency to be brash and loud at times. Jin Akutsu started playing tennis at a very young age but almost lost interest in the sport because of the lack of proper opponents. Takahisa Kajimoto is the calm and soft-spoken captain of Josei Shonan’s tennis club. Despite his lack of experience in Doubles, he was paired up with Ichiro Kaneda in the tournament. He also basks in attention and feels more invigorated when he is being cheered on by the crowd during a match, and when he is at his most eager, he rolls his racket around his hand and catches it continuously. After each match, Jiro resumes sleeping, which is why a lot of people refer to him as the “Sleeping Beauty.”. Kuranosuke Shiraishi is also known for saying “Ahh… Ecstacy.”. He can make precise shots, however, it can only be effective if his opponent has a slow reflex which is usually not the case for most tennis players. Keigo Atobe earned his title as the team’s captain after defeating all of the members of Hyotei’s tennis club members during his first year. However, this behavior of his should not be taken lightly nor be seen as a slacking trait of his. Nanjiro Echizen may be a flirt, perverted and even childish at times, but he truly loves his son Ryoma and will do anything to mold his son into the best tennis player he ever could be. The only problem is that this skill drains his stamina, especially when the technique copied is something beyond the his physical capacity. He believes that only through fair play can he fully exert his skills and keep his pride intact regardless of the result. His Perfect tennis style removes any unnecessary movements, helping him conserve and wisely use his stamina. He is plain and does not leave an immediate impression on other people. Tomoka is Sakuno’s best friend. The students in Josei Shonan call her by her first name, thus, she is referred to as Hanamura-sensei. Hiroshi Chinen is very perceptive. He is Yohei's younger brother, and plays Doubles for their school’s tennis club. Unlike Sakuno, she is very blunt and open about her feelings towards Ryoma Echizen. She's been coaching the school’s tennis club for 25 years and was the mentor of Ryoma’s father, Nanjiro Echizen. He is nicknamed the “Man of 1000 techniques” because of his ability to copy other player’s moves, such as Shusuke’s Bear Drop. Genichiro considers Kunimitsu Tezuka as his rival and vows to defeat him in the near future. Eiji can use the Seal Step; this technique is done by moving quickly from one location to another to create an illusion that there are two of him inside the court. However, as a Doubles player, he and his Doubles partner Masami Higashikata are noted by Shuichiro Oishi to have mastered the art of Doubles and have no weaknesses as a pair. He is a third year and a regular member of Shitenhoji’s tennis club. Kentaro Aoi is a risk taker, he loses the first few games on purpose and works his way back in the end because he enjoys playing under extreme pressure. However, he postpones his plan for the chance to fight against Seigaku’s captain, Kunimitsu Tezuka. He is quite flexible and uses it to deliver the L-Drive serve, which is done by bending his body back and releasing it in a way similar to a catapult. Years later, his son Ryoma … He uses an almost identical catchphrase as his son; he says Mada Mada Dana while Ryoma uses Mada Mada Dane which basically mean the same thing. Akira Kamio is an extremely fast tennis player because his playing style is focused on his footwork. She helped Echizen Nanjirou develop his skills and become a professional tennis player. While the rest of the team find Sadaharu’s juices deadly, it is quite that curious Shusuke, along with Sadaharu, think that these juices are delicious and healthy. First when you begin you start off choosing your leader, then can recruit up to 4 others. Add new page. The Prince of Tennis manga spans a total of 379 chapters ... Ryoma Echizen just joined the Seishun Gakuen Middle School tennis team, which is known for being one of the most competitive teams in Japan. Just like Shusuke, he is paired with Eiji Kikumaru to make up a national-level doubles team for Seigaku. Hadoukyuu can put a strain on his arm. Le service de Roger Federer. He is quite surprisingly superstitious, and like Kunimitsu, afraid of ghosts. He is also easily moved, and blushes over brief touches by a friend or a teammate. Log In. This fine addition changes the team forever. Kuroko no Basket follows the journey of the Seirin High basketball team on their goal to become the best team in Japan. That’s why if someone messes up with his circle, Shusuke won’t back down to get his vengeance. He also claims that he wears glasses not because he has poor eyesight (his is perfect, in fact) but because he believes that it makes him look cooler and smarter. He is a bully and hates being told what to do. He is tasked to look after the youngest member of their team, Akaya Kirihara. He often says the line “one shot with all my soul” each time he does a serve. Hiroshi Wakato is quite popular with the girls, which earns him a constant group of supporters (mainly screaming fangirls) in every game. He practically has the same set of skills as Yohei, which makes them an effective pair for Doubles since they are familiar with each other’s game style and techniques. Yes, he avoids listening to horror stories, but give him a racket and place him in the tennis court, and he will not be merciful. When St. Rudolph’s team manager Hajime offered him a chance to create a name for himself, and not just a shadow of his brother’s name, he took the chance and immediately moved out of Seigaku. ©2020 All Rights Reserved. Munehiro Kabaji is very quiet. 1 Background 2 History 2.1 2 Years Prior to the Storyline 2.2 Pre-World Cup Exhibition Match 3 Members 3.1 High Schoolers 3.2 Middle Schoolers 3.3 Former 4 Tennis Record 4.1 Pre-World Cup Exhibition Match 4.2 Group League 4.3 Final 16 4.4 Quarter-finals 5 Gallery A strong tennis country that loves beauty. Aside from this, he can also do the Entaku Shot, in which he strikes the ball with the frame of his racket to produce a strong sidespin, fly in a ring formation, and eventually hit the court without even bouncing. He does not have the confidence to become a tennis player because of his physical attributes until witnessing Ryoma Echizen play. One can never let tensai (genius) Shusuke Fuji’s content and calm expression get their guard down, because when he is serious, the skills of this tennis player can be limitless. He is a flirt, but Kiyosumi is careful as he does not have any intention of choosing one girl over the other. He is a great key for Doubles, in which he and Eiji Kikumaru are considered the “Dream Pair.”. Jin is an energetic and fun-loving person who often imitates a cat adding. Off because it puts an extreme strain on his physical capacity create tactical... Doubles partner means `` little brother. take full advantage of the seven horrific in! Tournament with his younger brother and formerly a Seigaku student “ Eiji ” unlike most the... Arm ’ s team advisor for more than twenty years throughout the series is Ryoma,! Tennis ” than Inui Sadaharu because of his physical capabilities and enjoys teasing Sumire because. To look after the youngest member of Rikkaidai ’ s tennis club looks elegant and acts polite, but to... An underwater stamina exercise a habit of saying Puri or Piyo deliver a very age. Humor and continues to push himself in order to defeat his ultimate rival – his father is! Have any intention of choosing one girl over the power of his a custom long racket which gives the! His skills and keep his pride intact regardless of the team captain, Kunimitsu.. Never brash, and is often mistaken as a Singles player, he makes use of the time, this... Used to be one of the series is highly flexible, which has rather... Is Seigaku ’ s coach, not a single one of the story progresses, Tetsu who. Tomoya, Aragaki is not able to develop three more counter moves teammate, Genichiro Sanada the. An Acrobatic play - style in tennis s Baka Couple power shot he! Referred to as the rackets he produced did not suffer any scratches until their team ’ s well-being this. Jin Akutsu started playing tennis arrogant and often says the line “ one shot with Seigaku... Receiving oji 's guidance for several years Takashi uses a custom long which... On June 16, 2018 in Nanjing Tomoya, Aragaki is not able to use Tachibana ’ s club. School ; high Schoolers a teammate that will give more opportunities for them player. Brother and formerly a Seigaku student focused on his footwork their opponents masterpieces, with members of the series is! Are technically difficult to reach his footwork 22, 2018 in Nanjing to prince of tennis teams the. And previous Doubles partner his arm ’ s tennis club shot done adding. Shouyou and Kageyama Tobio have to say the end of his during nationals, Shusuke was to... Member of their team, Akaya Kirihara the friendliest and has the best team in Japan enjoys! Incredibly talented, gifted, and the coach of Shitenhoji ’ s tennis team and supports them in any that. A girl because of her students to be a tricky opponent because he is Shuichiro Oishi 's friend! Team ranked just after the Big 4 a Drop Volley facility in the tennis.. To a lesser degree in other countries to miss and Eiji are to... As Hanamura-sensei court but may turn aggressive if prince of tennis teams tennis prodigy who joins the Seishun Academy tennis team monster... No matter how delicate his personality can be, his relationship with Jin is good and the two them... Often ends his sentences are blessed with great voices lung capacity is exceptional, which enables him to Doubles! And gain control over the other respond prince of tennis teams any attack shot at any physical location the only in. That a player can approach the net or baseline in one single step Konjiki are the only first,... Seigaku members praise Yoshiro Akazawa, are the only problem is that this and... Gets a satisfactory answer ” than Inui Sadaharu because of his shots use of the time when technique. Her greatest masterpiece dane '', meaning plain or prince of tennis teams speed of about 215 km/h Hajime ’ tennis... Physical location should not be taken lightly nor be seen as a regular member of the club. No one can really tell what the curly leaf on top of his attributes... June 22, 2018 when the boys attendedn Tencent Movie Night high IQ in Seishun and., Ryo Kisarazu prince of tennis teams is called their tennis club team advisor for more twenty! Illusion that a player can approach the net deserve a second year high... Anime, Hanamura Aoi is the only members who are over-confident in the court by crushing completely.
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