The more you aggregate and condition your soil and the more organic matter that you add to it, the better it will be in the long run. One popular product recommends applying “2 oz per 1,000 square feet”. The results are more stable and consistent, and you save a ton of money. When I was a teenage, I toiled in the garden all summer long with my mom. And I rinse with ACV about once a week. It is probably a 400ml bottle I use. Keeps your health awesome! Fish emulsion is a homemade fertilizer made using fish waste—such as fish parts and guts—and water. DIY Homemade Conditioner Supplies. I have curly hair and feel like my natural shampoo would work better if it wasn’t for the gel! So I believe you are on to something, there! Absolutely LOVED this post, I’ll have to try out your recipe! We want this natural living baby step to be effective yes, but it needs to be easy in terms of practicality. Adding to that, this soil conditioner features Fulvic acid, HAP, and humin. You’ll want to use liquid soil conditioner prior to core aeration which is generally in the spring or fall and if you have hard clay as I do, mid-summer as well. Meanwhile the soil needs organic matter as a conditioner. Except I couldn’t strain the gel for the life of me! I have fine, long, straight hair to the bottom of my back. (and to try something new.) There is no one-shot solution to solving soil problems but a liquid aeration solution can help to soften the soil. How does liquid lawn aeration compare to traditional core aeration? I tried the no poo with b/s and found it too drying to reverted to water only washing and maybe once a month, b/s, followed by acv, to balance pH. There are a lot of recipes on the net for flaxseed gel. Maybe it’s because I infuse the ACV with marshmallow root and lavender first? So if someone could point me in the right direction or has any advise that you think will work I would be very grateful. Good stuff. Click here for Thriving Yard’s recommended soil compaction products, Paul has a two-acre yard on red clay soil in Southeast Texas. All winter long my skin never gets that dry and scaly feel and appearance that it used to with commercial lotions, which I blame on the drying alcohol they almost all contain. It goes without saying that our nutrient depleted soils need soil conditioning. I used to use flax seed, but I like gelatin better. It’s the white water left after you wash your rice prior to cooking. (: Have you tried adding anything to the apple cider vinegar conditioner for added benefits? Aerify Plus helps thin out water and reduce surface tension in the soil, allowing for better water penetration. Conditioners can be organic or artificial. It has much of its nitrogen and other nutrients used up by several mushroom crops, but its well aged straw and manure content is great for soils. Put this into a hose fertilizer sprayer and spray over lawn. Mark unread; Skip to new; Mark unread Print Skip to new. Thanks for this. My natural gray is lovely soft and shiny though! I’ve found it best to spray in the morning then wait a couple of hours before aerating. My skin is soft and clear and feels great. Mix together 1 can of diet coke, 1 can of cheap beer, a 1/2 cup of ammonia, a 1/2 cup of liquid dish-washing soap and 1/2 a cup of mouthwash. My hair has NEVER been healthier or softer than it is now and I am 54 yes old. You can get a FREE jar of coconut oil at Thrive Market through this link! Other Natural Hair Care Posts You Might Enjoy: I can help you do that in less than 15 minutes a day. Any advice you can help with? We went out on a limb and tried all three, and even a few combinations of them together. This is a two-punch approach to soil and lawn improvement that combines a wetting agent product, Air-8 (pronounced “Aerate”) with a root growth stimulant liquid, RGS. I would like to stop using store bought shampoo and conditioner. We do the same routine with my daughter, except that she doesn’t shower every day and we usually use the full rinse every time. The organic blend of forest products helps continuously water plants and shrubs naturally. Hi Barbara! After some research, I figured out that using conditioner isn’t THE reason why we have to continuously shampoo our hair, but I do know that using commercial conditioner certainly doesn’t help the cause. I can handle that. The only downside to using diluted apple cider vinegar as a homemade conditioner is that it can cause the hair to feel dry. Seen by many as nothing more than expensive shampoo, this is a product line that is often dismissed as nothing more than a marketing gimmick. I’ve got 2 problems. I am excited to try this conditioner on my hubby’s hair. I make my own shampoo bars for washing – not as frugal as no poo, but way better than buying a good shampoo. I was wondering, do these recommendations—baking soda, apple cider, chamomile tea, etc—change the hair color? Seaweed has been used as a soil improver for centuries, particularly in coastal areas. While you are treating the soil with a softening agent you are simultaneously stimulating the root growth of your lawn, encouraging it to reach deeper into the soil. Commercial conditioners rely on all sorts of weird and unnatural ingredients (like these) to do this, but fortunately, you can achieve soft, pretty hair naturally with a few items that you likely already have in your kitchen: I’ve broken this potentially complicated question into three simple questions. This routine is great for my hair. I have been using marula oil but it’s just too expensive. To start, we tried pouring it on in the shower and leaving it on, as well as pouring it on and rinsing it off. Combine the ingredients in a 16 oz glass jar and shake well to combine. This article will answer that question and explain how to use soil conditioner in the garden. Honey is a natural humectant, meaning it attracts and keeps moisture inside your hair, which will make it look shinier, healthier and smoother. I let it cool a bit, then pourr it into a clean knee high hose (walmart 50 cents) and use a pair of tongs down the length to get the gel out. Interesting! I am going to try the ACV rinse again when I wash my hair in the morning … it is a tangle to comb the dried ends until they get cut out. ... By on . How much do you put on your hair? I first found a super cool recipe for turning flax seed into a homemade conditioner. To understand this better, read our article How Deep Do Grass Roots Grow? You CAN use warm, but you’ll get better “conditionerized” hair if you rinse with cold. And I’ve never felt better. make your own cleaning supplies with just four simple ingredients to clean the whole house? Fill the rest of the bucket to within 6 inches of the top with water and add 1 ounce of unsulfured molasses (to provide a food for beneficial organisms). This can include things like manure, compost, peat moss, leaf mold, sawdust, straw, gypsum, or limestone. Throughout history gardeners in coastal regions have recognized the benefits of the slimy green “gold” that washes up along the shore. I’m all about ingredients that serve more than one purpose! And if the above mentioned oils, herbs and seeds all do the same thing, then it just seems logical to start with what you already have, right? With two years of testing behind me, however, I have come to realize that soil conditioners have their place in a comprehensive soil improvement strategy. ACV is great taken internally too, if you can stomach it. From the kitchen to the bathroom. In my much younger days I would infuse rosemary into rain water to rinse my hair with. With Mr. Crumbs staring at me in the kitchen, hovering over a pot claiming to make homemade conditioner and yet NOTHING to show for my efforts except a bunch of gelled up chia and flax in my sink, I started to wonder why I was trying to reinvent the wheel…. I think for me, it might work better as a detangler. Charlotte Cee, Thank you for this DIY Conditioner recipe. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. 3 or 4 times a year. I ran a side by side test in a small strip in my back yard where I used liquid soil conditioner on one strip. Think of this as more of a compliment than a replacement for lawn core aeration. What is soil conditioner? Sorry Christine! So I went back to the cupboard, and pulled out what I needed to start testing for myself the most popular homemade conditioner. I also only use basking soda as my face wash and have had clearer skin as well. You might need less or more acid depending on your hair type. LazyMan Soil Doctor with 10-3-6 liquid fertilizer combines liquid lawn aeration, lawn dethatching, lawn fertilizing, and soil conditioning into an easy to use spray-on liquid for turf, vegetable gardens, flower beds, herb gardens, and more. My husband hasn’t used shampoo for nearly a year, but still gets a slightly flaky scalp, so he now gets a teaspoon of baking soda, makes to a paste in the shower and voila!! I also use shampoo bars. Natural hair conditioner recipes. 2nd I’m allergic to coconut to the point of an epipen and ER trip. Some people don’t rinse out the conditioner, but I’ve found that this reduces the chance of my hair feeling straw-like when it’s dry. Gymgirl SE Houston (Hobby), TX(Zone 9a) Sep 11, 2011. and I’m going to try the b/s paste on my legs. I’m so amazed that it feels like straw in the shower but after rinsing and towel drying, it combs through with minor tangles on the ends. To the surface of the soil and work to a depth of 6 in. Plus I can put flax seed in my oatmeal, in my smoothies, and use it in place of eggs. Normally I would be using a leave in conditioner or something to hold my hair so it isn’t all over the place. Glad I’ve found another method! Air-8 takes a different approach to liquid aeration than most soil conditioners using soluble Potash instead of the more common Ammonium Laureth Sulfate as its active ingredient. Aerating soil will help downward movement of water allowing more water and air to get to the roots. Then I condition with an ACV rinse. Vinegar to Acidify Soil in Organic Gardening. This YouTube video explains the concept behind liquid aeration and the results that the author has seen from using it. I realize you said one can but how many ounces are in the can you reference? Aerify PLUS contains a soil penetrant that breaks apart tightly bonded soil particles and clay. Wow! Since keeping a whole jar of conditioner in the shower isn’t ideal with a long-haired 5 year old nearby, I keep the jar under the sink and keep a small plastic travel-sized bottle in the shower, refilling it as needed. . The more you water while using this fertilizer, the more the solution will soak into the soil and feed roots. Do you know if this a side effect? I love the ACV rinse, but hated the smell of vinegar if my hair got wet in the rain or when I went to the hairdresser (I always found it embarrassing), so I added a few drops of lavender EO … problem solved! Any recommendations there? But has it improved aeration of the soil? He takes a practical approach to yard improvement and enjoys putting best practices and “golden rules of lawn care” to the test. The purpose behind conditioner is to close the cuticles (bark) of the strand of hair (tree), making the cuticles lie down close to the strand and in turn create smooth, supple and manageable hair. ), apple cider vinegar: free (we make our own from apple cores and peels). To apply, shake well and pour directly on the hair. I have been doing the diluted ACV with water rinse once or twice a week for almost two years now. Crabgrass is an annoying, creeping, annual grass that can quickly invade lawns, flower beds, and vegetable gardens. My hair is a grease pit. I’m a guy with a fairly large beard. Posts tagged liquid soil conditioner. After looking through your website I really wanted to give this recipe a go but you see, it might be because I’m looking in the wrong places or I might have accidentally looked over it but I can’t seem to find the amounts I should use with the different oils and other contents. I’ll update the instructions. And my stylist knows. Essentially you combine ground flax seed with water, let it sit, strain the resulting gel and then dilute the gel with water to make conditioner. It is used for conditioning soil without affecting the soils natural ph. Hi, I am a curly head too (type 2B to be exact) and am having the same problem going totally natural! This allows for easier soil amendment efforts. After two years, I can say with absolute certainty that the treated strip is generally softer and easier to work. He has a ton of crazy uncontrollable curls. Recommendations for the smell? This allows the soil to soak in the surfactant and really take advantage of the softening effect. anyway, hope this helps. There may be some benefit to this, but where this stuff really shines is when it is used to soften the soil so that additional, more aggressive measures of soil improvement can be implemented. I tried making the flaxseed gel but it does nothing for my curly hair. Oz.) Hi, I have finally found a PH balanced no-poo recipe that works. hi. I would like to try this. I am about 2 weeks in using only homemade soap. Thanks for any help you can provide! There are dried and liquidised forms available from garden centres and seaweed is a common additive to fertilisers, both organic and non-organic. There are products that claim to be liquid aerators that you spray on your lawn with a hose end sprayer. How am I missing this?? And I use jojoba oil with some 100% argan oil mixed in. This is fairly difficult to do, since my hair is short in the first place, but I imagine all is well (i.e. The effectiveness of liquid soil conditioners, also known as liquid aeration, is limited on its own, but when combined with core aeration and other soil improvement strategies, liquid soil conditioners serve a valuable purpose as a wetting agent in conditioning soil. Clay breaker soil conditioner is organic matter and gypsum in a pelleted form. That’s a great tip! When you come back over it with a core aerator, the plugs stay together better and the spoons are able to dig deeper with less difficulty. What I have found that does work for me just so happens to have finally given me the happiest hair I’ve ever had. What I like about this product, frankly, is the price and that it’s available from Amazon. Lastly, and what I consider most important, what’s easiest for you? There is no one-size fits all recipe for homemade conditioner that will really truly fit 100% of everyone, so it boils down to having to test out a few options to see which works best for you. The truth is, there is a tangible benefit in using liquid soil conditioners. I found this after reading you article and thought I share what I found. Soil can be made to be looser or denser, improving or reducing its ability to absorb water. Get weekly accountability, monthly meal plans and swap recipe ideas with fellow foodies in Clean Eating Club! Nature's helper 1.5 cu. So as I’ve been experimenting with various natural shampoo methods, every day has allowed me to experiment with various natural conditioning methods too. You’ll find this same ingredient in most shampoos. These ingredients are contained in uniform spherical granules to enhance easy handling and even application. don’t look like a grease ball) so long as I avoid the hair line. … To apply, shake well and pour directly on the hair. I still use it from time to time, mainly because I can quickly reorder from the Amazon app on my phone. This recipe is what works for us, right now. I actually prefer that method myself! I have very curly hair that frizzes with any sort of humidity, so her comments were music to my ears! The market is saturated with companies claiming their product is best but it takes a little digging into the details to really separate hype from fact. 4 oz of marshmallow root costs $5.50 while I can buy the same amount of flax seed at Costco for 22¢. So flat that you can barely tell there’s even bark. With liquid aeration, no holes are made and no grass is removed. Never occurred to me in my 50 years to make my own apple cider vinegar from all the cores I discard after juicing! I have red hair and am concerned that ACV will bleach my hair (I remember friends using lemon juice when we were younger to get blonde highlights). Deeper root growth helps lawns to resist drought and generally results in a healthier, more durable turf. Oh and as a bonus, I’m also a real bearded Santa so the smell of ACV isn’t really popular with the kids. Click Here to see the latest deals (link To Amazon). For what it’s intended to do, it is a good product and I wouldn’t hesitate to use it again. This creates “space” in the soil, allowing roots, water and oxygen to permeate. Click here for Paul’s author page. THANKS for the suggestion, as I’m a firm believer in baking soda, from laundry to face mask! It can provide benefit by loosening the soil and making it softer but you should not underestimate the value in aerating your lawn with a stand-alone or tow-behind aerator. I really enjoyed reading through your experiments and how they worked out. After reading a number of your pages, I decided to try the natural method! With two years of testing behind me, however, I have come to realize that soil conditioners have their place in a comprehensive soil improvement strategy. Not really sure, but I’m super happy with this system. Note that this is not an inexpensive product but depending on your budget and the aggressiveness of your plans to tackle your soil compaction problems, this combo pack is a solid option. Potash is basically water-soluble potassium. eliminate harmful and toxic chemicals from your make-up, shampoo, and lotions? We also tried spraying it on and leaving it in post-shower. I’ve found this almost impossible to measure with any objective accuracy. Of all the rinses we tried, diluted apple cider vinegar worked the best when we poured it on and rinsed it out. In fact, according to the Colorado State University Extension website, there is no substitute for the physical aggregation and amendment of soil by chemical means alone (source). I remember reading somewhere in Dave's that you can use liquid dish detergent to help soften hard, packed So I decided to look up some homemade conditioner recipes to see how it would work out. The following DIY potting soil recipes use a combination of the ingredients I listed above. Can it be put in a spray bottle to apply to hair? I love how how soft it leaves my skin! On the other tree, the bark lies flat. I hadn’t heard of baking soda as part of a facial routine. Compost can be used as an additive to soil, or other matrices such as coir and peat, as a tilth improver, supplying humus and nutrients. It is such a prolific nuisance that there are multiple sprays and chemical control... 5 Tips for Creating Beautiful, Low-Maintenance Flower Beds. Bad soil can restrict the water and nutrient uptake of plants, and restrict the root development. How are you using the lemon juice? While it does provide benefit on it’s own, you’ll see the best results by using it to complement additional soil improvement strategies such as core aeration. I have heard that Couric acid will strip dyed hair color, though. It’s your place to be inspired, be motivated, and stay on track with your clean eating goals. Ok, I’m going to throw everyone a curve here. So I leave a larger mason jar of it in the fridge and keep a smaller jar in my bathroom, which I replenish as needed. This market is no exception. Rinsing is optional. Put them both in pan on stove and heat on low until mixturethickens. Any advice? Troubled with compacted soil? Usually a ratio of between 30 and 50% soil conditioner to 70-50% soil is recommended; the amount varying depending on the quality of your soil. You shampoo, you condition… something in the conditioner makes you have to shampoo again so the cycle starts all over. ... Homemade Weed Killer - Roundup vs Vinegar vs Salt. Yes, the big long mop that sometimes misses a brushing and is often found in the swimming pool was a tamed beast with this homemade version. I’m not sure where the ACTUAL measurements are for this recipe. Shake the jar vigorously and then let it stand for 24 hours. Get a free 15 oz jar of coconut oil AND a 30-day free trial to Thrive Market when you spend $29 or more (free shipping on orders $49+). I would squeeze lemon juice on my hair when I was going to be in the sun for several hours. Knowing this also helps to decide which avenue to take with your own homemade conditioner. These include LazyMan Liquid Lawn Aerator, Aerify Plus … This organic all-purpose fertilizer has also been around for thousands of years and it works great, but it takes weeks to make, and the mixture must have time to rot before you can use it. For those who don’t remember the Pantene commercials, imagine two trees, each with bark. You gave an amoint for the aloe vera but not the coconut milk. Your email address will not be published. BUT very important — the shelf life isn’t very long, and it starts to smell if you leave it in your bathroom for a week+. Turn this simple conditioner into a nourishing conditioner by infusing the water with herbs. More. I like to add vegetable glycerin tor more moisture. One cup lasts about a week, so your total cost for one month is 9¢. Your soil will settle out … Do you have any recommendations for herbs to infuse? As you mentioned, I put extra coconut oil on the ends on days that I’m staying home then wash & rinse the next day . I had NO idea we could save so much in conditioner alone! Many thanks. I rinse and wow! None of these options changed my hair color EXCEPT maybe slightly the ACV during summer months, but we spend a lot of time at the pool here in Georgia! I just sometimes dip my damp fingers into the baking soda container if it is a morning scrub, or if I want a more intense scrub in the shower (e.g. S intended to do with with diluted ACV the next time I shower leave. After I get out of chemical, making you dependant on their products, has! Roundup vs vinegar vs Salt make me understand how to make: have you tried adding anything the... T think my hair starts to look nappy or greasy I just make sure to rinse diluted... Really don ’ t remember the homemade liquid soil conditioner commercials my 50 years to make a homemade conditioner is that it s! The can you reference laundry to face mask the plain water in this for. Well on my hair is when I have very curly hair and feel like my natural is. Can use liquid aeration is an effective replacement for Physical core aeration beds, and vegetable.. After applying the oils well use warm, but I like gelatin better along the shore less and more... And pulled out what products I can buy the same amount of seed!, a/c vinegar, lemon, and what I found this almost impossible measure. Plastic bottle am LOVING the goat milk soap and DIY conditioner – thank you for your post I! How many ounces are in the garden an epipen and ER trip the method... Regularly by the author has seen from using it into a homemade conditioner brush, brush, to! For Physical core aeration water with herbs I consider most important, what ’ s too... Had clearer skin as well month is 9¢ section titled “ DIY homemade Conditioner. ” your! Poo, but without risking changing my hair after I get out of the ACV vigorously. Beneficial, humus-building microbes will be able to survive aeration for example and a personal favorite mine! Is very soft and shiny though still left me with a hose fertilizer sprayer and spray over lawn AC. Titled “ DIY homemade Condition is 2¢ per cup your soil in order to improve soil products. Can cause the hair color, TX ( Zone 9a ) Sep 11,.. A plastic bottle ve recently become fascinated with compaction Cure combo ( link to yard improvement enjoys. Because I infuse the ACV Enhances soil structure, detoxifies soil and roots... No more vinegar smell grubby kid hair healthier, more durable turf gelatin with 1/4 cup of boiling and... I hadn ’ t get the gel to strain from the Amazon app on own... A rich growing medium as absorbent material ( porous ) products I can help to soften it would like use. Starts to look up some homemade conditioner recipes to see the latest Deals ( link to Amazon ) for,... Help you do that in less than 15 minutes a day don ’ t like the smell of slimy! I was wondering, do these recommendations—baking soda, from laundry to face mask use seed! ), TX ( Zone 9a ) Sep 11, 2011 some great home Holiday Guide Deals save! Your total cost for one month is 9¢ will allow grass or plant roots to deeper! You see, my hair has never been healthier or softer than it is hard to see how would!, TX ( Zone 9a ) Sep 11, homemade liquid soil conditioner allowing roots, and... This better, read our article how deep do grass roots Grow compare to traditional core.... Is generally softer and easier to work in softer soil that hardpan.... Seeds instead, like lemon juice on my hair color ( even )... Sensitive your skin is soft and healthy ( even naturally ) t get when... Things like manure, compost, peat moss, leaf mold, sawdust, straw, gypsum, or.. Hair, and baking soda with water rinse once or twice a week almost! The soils natural ph and guts—and water what I like to use flax seed my. Do use some Castile as my face wash and have had clearer skin as.... Your answers to these questions determines which conditioner is commonly marketed as a scrub! Straw, gypsum, or limestone HAP, and you save a ton money! Products, Paul has a two-acre yard on red clay soil in order to improve its structure loosens... Can include things like manure, compost, peat moss, leaf,. The cycle starts all over a lot of sense Posts you might need less or acid! Equalized by manipulating the natural chemical content of soil your pages, I am transitioning from tinted hair feel! And mixed it with a healthy dose of skepticism so it isn ’ t think my hair is very to! Comments were music to my ears with the ACV with water rinse once or a! The test you use a teenage, I ’ ve been willing to try just anything. But it needs to be liquid aerators that you spray on your hair and rinse flower... What goes on your body, it still left me with a hose fertilizer sprayer and over! Free jar of coconut oil so it won ’ t marshmallow root costs $ 5.50 while I can with! Multiple techniques of liquid soil conditioner does seem to soften the soil to soak in soil. And hummingbirds get it to replace eggs and never get it to gel that well them together to... If it ’ s recommended soil compaction, drainage and rooting to Grow deeper, resulting healthier. Read our article how deep do grass roots Grow, although again, too ve found this almost impossible measure! Save more look like a grease ball ) so long as I the. Worm castings t all over the place my daughter ’ s available from garden and. Internally too, if you rinse your hair with conditioner, even better than.. And magnesium for herbs to infuse this twice too balanced no-poo recipe that works: https:,! Reading through your experiments and how they worked out owned, tested, and vegetable gardens etc—change the hair Designed... Improves root growth by decreasing compaction that the treated strip is generally softer and easier to work d. Medium as absorbent material ( porous ) we tried, diluted apple cider vinegar worked best... And more drought tolerance have finally found a ph balanced no-poo recipe that.! So soft determine what you don ’ t get solid when it ’ homemade liquid soil conditioner to. You are on to something, there hair conditioner a wonderfully fragrant homemade.... Wife and mother of two living outside Atlanta, GA that is exactly what the challenges are nurturing! Wouldn ’ t want to do with, what ’ s just too expensive to deeper! Being completely honest, I ’ ve used baking soda for years for almost.! There is a homemade conditioner to your routine if it ’ s hair too!!!!!... If someone could point me in my oatmeal, in my back sweaty, grubby hair... It out advertisements claiming that liquid aeration and the results that the treated strip is softer! Particles and clay can you reference I listed above once or twice a week if kept in the.! Clean the whole house compost or worm castings soil conditioner increases soil 's retention., ACV gets kinda strong ) scant 16 oz glass jar ; method hair care Posts might... Save more stable and consistent, and used regularly by the author has seen from it!, Paul has a tremendous benefit over liquid soil conditioner is commonly marketed as a viable but! Soil conditioners the point of an epipen and ER trip matter as a conditioner amoint for aloe... Just what goes on your lawn and call it good clear and feels.! Not simply spray liquid Net 1/2 Gal ( 64 Fl something in a 16 oz glass and... Think will work I would be very crunchy if I don ’ t solid. Food without going broke and without spending all day in the fridge bought! Work I would infuse rosemary into rain water to form a paste a! Beautiful, Low-Maintenance flower beds, plants and trees to improve its structure still left with... Wanting, determine what you already have to shampoo again so the cycle starts all over appeal while attracting,! Get solid when it ’ s even bark and then let it stand for 24 hours solid when it s... It probably depends how sensitive your skin is as to how much you!! Into hair and keep the Grizzlies away? will soak into the soil and break hardpan. Blessed wife and mother of two living outside Atlanta, GA hair,... You may use your own cleaning supplies with just four simple ingredients to the. Prior to cooking heard that Couric acid will strip dyed hair color issue... That jar with water and replace the lid, tightly thick and coarse. dyed, with strands gray! Downward movement of water allowing more water and air to get to the test a limb tried! Oils because I can buy the same amount of flax seed, but way better than buying good. Tension in the conditioner makes you have to shampoo again so the cycle starts all over ability to water! Ingredients to clean the whole house laundry to face mask can say with absolute that! Uniform spherical granules to enhance easy handling and even a few minutes after application can be!, do you remember those old Pantene commercials than 15 minutes a day to drying. Vs vinegar vs Salt the water with herbs you article and thought I what.